SS Habitat - Rules & Regulations

Paying Guest Accommodation in SS Habitat cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Those inmates who seems to be acting not in the common interest of the accommodation facility may be refused to continue Accommodation.

Accommodation Rules

  • Accommodation with and without food is provided. The guest has to inform her choice of accommodation at the time of admission.
  • Accommodation rentals shall be paid in advance every month on or before 05th of the respective month. Rental receipt shall be issued, upon receipt of payment.
  • An amount of Rs. 4000/- shall be paid as Refundable Deposit at the time of obtaining accommodation. This shall be refunded, after making any necessary adjustments, if required and without interest on vacating the accommodation facility.
  • In case if food is required for the guest who has opted for accommodation without food, the same may be intimated a day in advance, on additional payment. Breakfast: 40/- Lunch: 50/- Evening Tea: 20/- Dinner: 60/-
  • In case of guests who have opted for Accommodation with food, intimation may be given in case they don’t need food for any particular day / time, so as to avoid wastage of food. However, no reduction in the monthly rent shall be given on this account.
  • Reduction in monthly food expense would be given only if the guest is not availing food for more than 15 days. However, this shall be by way of adjustment in the subsequent month room rentals
  • For new accommodation, full month rentals to be paid if the date of admission is on or before 10th of every month. For exits, full month rentals to be paid if date of exit is on or after 10th of the month.
  • Guests are to provide one month notice in writing, of their intention to vacate the facility. In case if a guest vacates without proper notice, the same would be adjusted against their refundable security deposit collected.
  • There shall be revision of rentals, subject to the decision of the management of S&S Habitat with prior intimation to inmates.
  • The guests are advised to take care of their belongings and are advised not to keep excess cash or any valuables in rooms and S&S Habitat shall in no way be responsible for loss of your belongings. Storage facilities have been provided to each inmate for their convenience.
  • The guests may keep their rooms locked. However a spare key has to be given to the reception for cleaning and other maintenance purposes as may be required. The rooms would be opened by the Management for inspection at any time.
  • Guests are advised to dry their clothes in the roof top, and not to keep and dry moist clothes in their rooms.
  • Guests are advised to dispose sanitary napkins only in the common bucket provided after wrapping the napkins neatly in a newspaper. Separate closet outlets are provided for each room, and hence, if any of the toilet outlets clogs, it would be cleared at the expense of all the guests in the respective rooms.
  • Guests suffering from contagious diseases are requested to move out of the facility, within 24 hours, to protect the interest of other guests.
  • A common refrigerator and Television is provided at the dining space for the use of all residents.
  • Food Timings : Breakfast : 7:15 am to 8:30 am, Lunch (on Holidays & Sundays) : 12.30 pm to 02:00 pm, Evening Tea : 5.30pm to 6.30pm, Dinner : 07:45 pm to 08:5 pm .
  • Packed lunch would be provided on working days. Tiffin boxes may be brought by the guests for packed lunches. Food wastes are to be deposited only in the designated garbage space provided for it.
  • Guests are expected to be in their rooms by 9.30 pm every day. The risks and responsibility of going out and coming late shall be that of the guest only.
  • Lights in the rooms to be switched off by 11pm every day without fail.
  • Guests are requested to intimate the management if they are staying away from the facility for night(s) and must write the same in the register kept for the purpose.
  • Residents are personally responsible for the proper upkeep of their respective rooms and furniture & fittings etc.
  • Self –cooking, smoking, alcohol, narcotics, dangerous drugs etc. & pets are strictly prohibited in the rooms.
  • In case of damage to any parts of the accommodation facility, furniture caused by those using the same, and the loss shall be recovered from the persons identified as responsible. However, if it cannot be determined, the cost of repairing the same may be distributed equally amongst all the inmates of the hostel.
  • The inmates are advised to refrain from using electrical & electronic gadgets other than mobile chargers laptop.
  • The Management of S&S Habitat and accommodation facilities reserves all the rights for running and maintaining this facility. Any decision taken by the Management in this matter shall be final and binding on all guests without any exemptions.